The rooms

All bedrooms are located upstairs and have the same view over the sea and bay of Sienne. Each has a French window to a private balcony, facing South above the sea and the Sienne bay, with deckchairs and a table.

The stairs to the bedrooms are independent from the rest of the house - the hosts have a total independence during days and nights.

Free Wifi, television, kettle with a large choice of teas and herbal teas are available in all bedrooms. They are bright and comfortable, decorated in natural tones. The bedding (160cm wide) and linen are of prime quality. A hairdryer is available in all bathrooms. Pets are not welcome.



A quality breakfast is served to you in the dining room at the ground floor; you will enjoy the magnificent panoramic view mixing countryside and sea. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate - orange juices - a variety of breads - as well as the home-made products: jams, yoghurts, cakes or other sweet pastries and certain breads.

Dinner for residents

Possibility of lunch and dinner on request, 38€ per meal.


Mont Saint Michel

45 minutes away La Chambre de l'Amiral, chambre d'hôtes à 45 minutes du Mont Saint Michel

UNESCO has classified the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage in 1979 ; this tourist attraction is a must see and the 3d site the most visited in France.
The « Wonder of the Western World » raises up in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe. It was at the request of the Archangel Michel, that Aubert, Bishop of Avranches built and consecrated a small church on the 16th October 709. In the 11th century, the Romanic abbey church was founded ; Saint Michel's statue placed in its summit peaks in 170 m above the bank. Le Mont Saint Michel was, between the VIIIth and the XVIIth century, one of the most important places of pelgrimage.
During summer time there is a night show with sounds and lights that brings to the discovery of the place, mystery and magic.

Landing Beaches

45 minutes away La Chambre de l'Amiral, chambre d'hôtes à 45 minutes des plages du débarquement et cimetière de Colville

One of the big historic changes of the XXth century occurred here, on the beaches of Normandy, during the landing of the allied Forces, the decisive phase of the resolution of the Second World War .br / > You will visit Omaha Beach and its American cemetery, Utah Beach and its remarkable D Day museum, Arromanches and the vestiges of the pontoons of the artificial port as well as its museum, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, the pointe du Hoc, as well as Sainte-Mère-Eglise : history and emotion ...

Archipelago of Chausey

Less than one hour of boat from Granville La Chambre de l'Amiral, chambre d'hôtes à quelques encamblures de l'archipel de Chausey

Of the 365 small islands or rocks visible with low tide, only 52 are visible with high tide and only one island is inhabited (10 inhabitants at the year); neither car, nor bicycle, it is nature reserve and shelters a fauna and a remarkable and varied flora. It is not rare to see penguins and dolphins there. Of a length of only 2 km, the tour by foot is very easy and many beaches are available.

Channel Islands

One hour of boat from Granville La Chambre de l'Amiral, chambre d'hôtes à quelques encamblures des îles anglo-normandes


Known as floral island, it is the biggest of the Channel Islands. It offers a great variety of landscape : footpathes alongshore, beaches with soft sand, steep cliffs, charming villages. Castles, gardens, pubs, but also typical shops, will make your experiment "so british".


The green island is an island with great character, with ramparts, towers and fortifications. The costs hide inlets, charming ports and footpathes along the cliffs. You will be able to visit Hauteville House, the famous house where Victor Hugo used to live in during his exile.


The feudal island is a timeless island, governed by a Lord who rules over the island. It is the smallest feudal government in Europe. Only bikes and carriages are allowed on the island, to discover the marvelous landscapes walking on the pathes lined with stone walls and wild flowers all over the island.


The wild island, very charming for nature lovers.

About the Admiral of Tourville : "The greatest mariner of the centery, as English and Dutch themselves admit, and the most humble too."